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Mission and History

Our Mission

Scale dogs is a non-profit organization founded in 1990. Our goals are improving the mobility, safety, and independence of people with a visual disability by providing quality guide dogs free of charge.


In 1990 scale dogs was founded by some of members of Kiwanis Bruxelles Scale. The idea arose after a visit to the French Kiwanis Club in Limoges whom founded a guide dog center about 10 years earlier.

The name Scale Dogs originates from the service club who founded our center. The word ‘SCALE’ is formed by the first letters of the qualities required to be a member of Kiwanis Bruxelles Scale, namely:

“S” like in “Solidarité” (Solidarity)
“C” like in “Courtoisie” (Courtesy)
“A” like in “Amitié” (Friendship)
“L” like in “Loyauté” (Loyalty)
“E” like in “Entraide” (Helping each other)

Today these values are still valid for Scale dogs