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Practical Information

With the PAWS workshops we want to offer parents practical help and information. The goal of the program is to give them the knowledge and support needed to find a suitable dog for their family and / or to teach their own dog skills that are useful to their child.

Our guidance program consists of a series of 4 workshops that take place on weekdays. During the period between the various workshops, the parents have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice or to purchase a puppy / dog.

Place: Scale Dogs – steenweg op Sint Jansberg 2 – 1170 Brussel
(Watermaal Bosvoorde – we are on the ring around Brussels near Hoeilaart)

Start of the workshops: 09.30 – end: 15.00

With the help of videos, discussions, practical exercises and teaching materials you will learn how your dog can contribute to the development of your child.

The content of the workshops includes:

  • Answering any questions you may have regarding the purchase and possession of a family dog.
  • How can dogs have a positive effect on a child with autism / what can a dog learn to help my child? During the workshops you learn, for example, how dogs can be trained to deescalate a tantrum by touching the child with their nose. Even through fun games, the dog can often help to turn negative behavior of the child into positive behavior.
  • How do I pick the correct dog for my child and our family?
  • How and where can I find a suitable dog? Which breed, age, etc.?
  • How can I train my dog? What do I have to remember whilst training my dog?
  • Which ‘tasks’ can I teach my dog?
  • Finding a good dog school or instructor.
  • Dog wellbeing and training material.

Please note our PAWS workshops are only given in Dutch or French. If you wish to register, please fill in our registration form.