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Tax Certificate

Did you know? When do I have the right to a tax certificate after I made a gift?

In which cases are we allowed to issue a tax certificate ?

Defenition of a GIFT :

A gift is the amount a person, company, or organisation deposits in our account without receiving anything in return. This means that you, as a donor, will not receive anything in counterpart. Only a personal gift gives the right to a tax certificate.

  • We may issue a tax certificate for a donation starting at 40 € / year paid into our account without notice or with the notice “GIFT”.
  • Under no circumstances will a donation demand anything kind of counterpart.
  • The amount deposited does not come from a fundraising campaign or from the proceeds of a sale.

What is the difference (in tax terms) between a donation and a deposit as a result of a fundraising campaign?

When you deposit as a result of a fundraiser, you collect money from multiple people. For example, as a result of a sale, an activity, or an event such as a birthday. The proceeds from this fundraising campaign do not entitle you to a tax certificate, because the deposited money comes from multiple people.

When someone wants to make a personal donation on top of the amount of the joint fundraising campaign?

In this case you have to make 2 different deposits :

  • 1 deposit for the joint fundraiser (no tax certificate)
  • 1 deposit for the personal gift (entitles you to a tax certificate)