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How can you help us?

Scale Dogs prides itself on the fact that people with a visual impairment do not have to make any financial contribution to obtain their guide dog and we would like to keep it that way. We can continue our work as a guide dog center thanks to the support of donors, sponsors, sympathizers, service clubs, companies, schools, associations, … If you want to support us, you can do this in different ways:


We need money to make our guide dogs available to their new owners free of charge. Make a donation for the training of our guide dogs or give your bank a standing order in favor of Scale Dogs to help us with our mission.

Our bank details: IBAN: BE37 0012 6238 0228 – BIC: GEBABEBB

Donations are tax deductible from 40 euro per year

Testament / Bequest

You can support our association by including Scale Dogs in your will. Wills for a good cause enjoy a favorable tax regime. This makes it possible to leave more to people who are close to your heart and at the same time support Scale Dogs. Your notary can provide you with all information about how you can do this.

Sponsorship and partnerships

As a company you can enter into a partnership with Scale Dogs to partially or fully finance the training of a guide dog. If you are looking for a sponsorship project with a social character, think of Scale Dogs and do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss this together.

Organize an action

You can ask your friends and acquaintances to participate in a fundraising campaign for the benefit of Scale Dogs on the occasion of a birthday party, a wedding, a sporting activity, etc.

Become a puppy raising family

The work of a puppy raising family is very important for Scale Dogs. Puppy raising families offer our puppies and young dogs the ideal basis for their future job as a guide dog.

Apply as puppy raising family

Become a volunteer

You can also help us as a volunteer: as a puppy walker for one of our puppies, as an instructor at our dog school, or lend a hand at other activities.

For more information, call us (tel 02-660 77 56 GSM 0473-30 24 27) or send an email to We are happy to make time available to introduce our operation and to discuss the best way you could help us.