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Price of a Guide Dog

How much does a guide dog cost and who pays for it?

The purchase, care, and education of a guide dog is a big investment. The amount of work hours a dog trainer has to put into the education of the dog and the education of the team ‘beneficiary – guide dog’ makes that one trainer can only train 2 to 3 dogs a year. This means a guide dog will ‘cost’ approximately 43.500 euro. (without the input of volunteers, like host families whom raise the puppies during the course of one year, the price of a guide dog would be much higher).

Despite this high cost price, Scale Dogs maintains its principle: the person with a visual impairment does not have to make a personal financial contribution to get their guide dog. We do ask that they will turn in an application with the VAPH, the PHARE, or the AVIQ (depending on the region the candidate lives) to receive a financial contribution for their guide dog.