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Welcome Waffle !


We are delighted to introduce Waffle, a little blond labrador, who is joining the “W” tribe. Silvia, whom we thank, will be his host family.  We wish them all the […]

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Welcome Waldo !


We are delighted to introduce you to Waldo, our new little black labrador, who has just joined the “W” tribe. We warmly thank Brigitte (who has already been a temporary […]

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Welcome Annick


We would hereby like to inform you that we recently welcomed Annick to our team. As a trainee instructor, Annick will initially be involved in the follow-up of our puppies […]

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Françoise and Utzi


Françoise and Utzi successfully completed their “end of instruction period evaluation”. As you can see in the video, they show a nice piece of “teamwork” and are ready to discover […]

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Yesterday during the closing evening of the end of the Lions 2022-2023 year, the Lions Club Brussels Bruocsella, sponsor of Vox, presented a check to Scale Dogs in order to […]

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Welcome Wolf!


This weekend, we welcomed another little blonde Labrador male to Joke and Thomas’ puppy raiser. Welcome Wolf, you are now part of the great Scale Dogs family! Your Labrador brother […]

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Welcome Whisper!


Yesterday Griet and Marnix welcomed their second little puppy from Scale Dogs, Whisper a tiny black female Labrador. Thanks to them for helping us train future guide dogs!

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Very special day!


Today, the 5 puppies of our female Uka arrived in their puppy raiser! The 3 yellow females, Whist with Geneviève, Winner with Gunilla, Wayka with Sophie and our little yelow […]

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WAKI, a small black female Labrador, is now part of the large Scale Dogs family and Chantal’s puppy raiser. Thank you Chantal and welcome WAKI! The opportunity to remind you […]

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On this International Guide Dogs Day, Wednesday 26 April, we want to honour all our four-legged heroes. Thank you to them for the wonderful work they do every day and […]

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